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April 2014
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The Light House Chapel

Just another example of divine beauty

The Light House Chapel is an inclusive, open and accepting community of love, faith and healing.

We believe that the essence of each person is Spirit and our goal is empowerment of each person to awaken the Spirit within.

We welcome people of any race, religion, color, age, sexual orientation, or gender to gather, worship and celebrate with us.

We believe any path that leads you to love of your fellow human beings, respect for the world in which we live, and to union with the divine is a valid path.

The teachings at The Light House Chapel are based on the principles of Spiritualism and esoteric Christianity. The wisdom contained in other paths such as Buddhism, Native American spirituality, Hinduism, Earth based religions, etc., are also studied and taught.

Sunday service, meditation, special ceremonies, healing, music, study, love, forgiveness, tithing, teaching, learning, and friendship are our creative road to awaken the Spirit within.

Our Guiding Principles

  • There is a Universal Source which is experienced by each of us in our own unique way. Spirituality is a matter of individual experience, growth, and authority; it cannot be dictated by dogmas and creeds.
  • There is a common thread in and transcending all world religions. Religious teachings and revealed scriptures such as the Torah, the Bible, the Buddihist Sutras, the Koran, the Bhagavad Gita and the Vedas as well as information revealed through mediumship can provide access to the Universal Source.
  • The existence and personal identity of the individual continues after the transition to the world of Spirit and that communication with loved ones in Spirit and with masters, guides, guardians and angels as well as other spiritual manifestation is possible.
  • Mediumship, prophecy and healing are divine attributes.
  • The doorway to reformation is never closed against any soul, here or hereafter.
  • Humanity is at present undergoing a collective awakening of consciousness. When this is complete, society and the consciousness of the planet itself will have been restructured on more spiritual terms.